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    29.10.2021 - Release Notes 0.36

    Welcome to Infusion Online's latest release notes. You can read all release notes below or download and print the PDF.

    Download: 29.10.21 Release Notes 0.36 [PDF 287kb]

    New features now available in Infusion

    Supplier direct credit 

    You can now pay suppliers by direct credit by selecting 'Direct Credit' as the Banking Method in supplier or cashbook payments. View our knowledge base articles Make a Supplier Payment and Create a Direct Credit Batch for Export for more information. #5593

    SMS messaging

    You can now send and receive SMS messages to customers, staff, and suppliers from within Infusion. View our knowledge base article about setting up SMS Messages. #5463

    Head office

    A customer can now be linked to a Head Office. This will allow invoices to be recorded against the customer record, but have the outstanding value of the invoice be charged to the Head Office. View our article on Head Office accounts for more information. #5271

    Email subscriptions

    There is now the option for customer and supplier contacts to receive documents such as Invoices, Quotes, Packing Slips, and Statements via email. #710  

    User Experience

    — NEW —

    New list option for custom fields

    A new type of custom or web field has been introduced to allow a pre-defined list to be created. This is now available for all custom fields. #5674, 3529

    — ENHANCED — 

    The global search bar results have been improved to allow better linking to the relevant record. For example, searching for a customer contact now includes links to take you to that customer and related transactions. #5585 

    Order of items in product menu improved 

    An adjustment has been made to the order of items in the Product menu to improve usability. #5939

    — RESOLVED —

    Messaging if report has reached maximum pages

    An error message will define why the report has failed should a report run over the maximum 1000 page limit. #5938


    — NEW —

    Duplicate a customer 

    Customers can now be duplicated with optional settings to include Details, Terms & Pricing, Contract Rates, Contacts, Delivery Addresses, Documents & Images, and Custom Fields. View our article Duplicate a Customer Account for more information. #4082 

    Email contact settings for customers and suppliers 

    Customer and supplier contacts now have the option to receive documents such as Invoices, Quotes, Packing Slips, and Statements via email. #710  

    — RESOLVED —

    Issue with navigation from customer transaction resolved

    Improvements have been made on links from the customer transactions enquiry screen. #3309 

    An issue with customer price levels not importing has been resolved 

    Importing customer price levels as part of the customer import has been improved to ensure the price level is correctly populated. #5627


    Resolved: Customer and Supplier reports: Aged Trial Balance 

    An issue with the speed to download large reports has now been resolved. #4353 

    Resolved: Customer reports: 13 Months Sales Analysis 

    An issue with selected date ranges has now been resolved. #5327 

    Customers – Invoices

    — NEW —

    Lockout date for customer invoices and adjustments 

    A new lockout date has been introduced to allow a licensee to set the last date that customer invoices and adjustments can be posted. You can access this via Settings > Financials > Lockout dates. Setting a lockout date allows licensees to:

    • prevent users from posting customer invoices or adjustments after the Customer Statements have been sent
    • continue to allow Supplier and Financial transactions to be posted into the previous month. #4297

    View our article on Settings I Lockout date to find out more.

    Credit a posted customer invoice or credit note 

    An option has been added to the spill menu of a posted customer invoice or credit note to Credit or Re-invoice. This creates a pending transaction with the quantities on the original invoice or credit note reversed. #5006 

    Head Office functionality 

    A customer can now be linked to a Head Office. This allows invoices to be recorded against the customer record but have the outstanding value of the invoice charged to the Head Office. #5430

    View our article on Head Office accounts for more information.

    — ENHANCED —

    Recurring invoice option removed for cash sale customers 

    Customers on Cash Sale Terms are unable to use Recurring Invoices. This menu item has been removed to prevent a recurring invoice from being started. #5341  

    Invoice number assigned on saving, not opening invoice 

    Invoice and Quote numbers are now assigned on saving or posting the transaction rather than on opening. This prevents the use of invoice numbers where a transaction is started, then cancelled. #5010

    — RESOLVED —

    Change in quantity on an invoice no longer changes the rate 

    We've resolved an issue that meant when someone edited the rate in a product line and then the quantity, the rate was recalculated. This no longer happens.  #5046 


    — ENHANCED —

    International supplier invoices 

    International supplier invoices are now created as GST exclusive by default. #5209 


    Customer & Supplier reports Aged Trial Balance issue resolved

    An issue with the speed to download large reports has now been resolved. #4353 


    — NEW —

    Duplicate a product or kitset

    From within a product or from the product list, there is now a menu item to Duplicate a product. You now have the option to duplicate each tab of a product (Details, Settings, Pricing, Documents & Images, Custom fields, and Locations). 

    • Kitsets are duplicated as Kitsets. The components are non-optionally added to the new product.
    • Product code and barcode are not duplicated and must be assigned by the user (Code will be assigned automatically on saving if that is the system setting).
    • An indication is given at the edit stage of the new product as to which tabs will be duplicated.
    • Other tabs apart from the Details tab will be duplicated when you save the new product. If the original product has been edited and saved in the meantime, these changes will be reflected in the new product in all tabs except the Detail tab. #4083 

    View the article Duplicate a Product or Kitset for more information. 

    Website tags can now be customised for products

    Website tags are optional Product fields that web developers can make use of when integrating Infusion with a website. Each product now has a Website tab, and website tags can be configured in settings. #3529

    — ENHANCED —

    Product and GL ID selection improved

    The matching of an exact product code or GL ID in a lookup list has been improved to allow selection of other matching records, as well as selecting the exact match. #5283 

    Product tracking 

    Tracking of stock levels for newly created Products is by default set to true for new licensees. #5690 

    Serial number expiry date format

    The expiry date on serial tracked products has been reformatted. #5276.

    Customs GST (100% GST) option removed from product sales

    The Customs GST option has been removed from the product sales GST setting. #5353

    — RESOLVED —

    Product References tab 

    An issue with the Product References tab link has been resolved. #5565 

    Product deactivation

    An issue with In Stock, On Order, and Allocated quantities preventing product deactivation has been resolved. #5266

    Product pricing if product is exempt or zero rated

    An issue has been resolved where if sales GST was charged on a product, the product pricing did not update consistently. #3281

    Product pricing export time out resolved

    The Product Price Level export has been improved to cope with larger datasets. #5688

    Product CSV import issue resolved 

    An issue has been resolved where the product CSV import failed for Groups not linked to a Type. The product import has been improved to provide better feedback after validating Product Types, Group, and Sub-Groups. #5902

    Cost update from a product receipt with duplicate products

    The Update Costs from a Product Receipt where there are two lines of the same product with different costs was not updating the cost as expected, with the last line of the receipt expected to be the Latest Cost. This is now resolved. #4191

    Average cost calculation issue resolved

    An issue has been resolved where the Average Cost calculation was resulting in negative values in rare cases. #5641



    Product Valuation Report issues resolved

    The Product Valuation report has been improved for formatting and also to include inactive products. #5114

    Products – Kitsets

    — ENHANCED —

    View cost details of kitset components 

    The Kitset Components tab has been extended to include the Cost and Extended Cost of individual components. #4339 

    Kitset component deactivation 

    Rules around kitsets and their components being deactivated have been improved. A product may not be deactivated if it is a component of an active kitset. An inactive kitset cannot be activated if it includes an inactive component. #4761

    Duplicate a product or kitset

    See information about this function in the Products section of this article (above). #4083


    — ENHANCED —

    Close off Year End warning has been improved

    The Year End Close Off warning has been improved to specifically define the dates that will be locked out by closing off. #5709 

    Future transactions omitted from bank reconciliation suggestions 

    Transactions posted forward of the date of the imported bank transaction are no longer offered as suggestions in the Bank Reconciliation. #5558 

    Bank reconciliation suggestions relating to invoice order number

    If a bank reconciliation suggestion is based on a match on the Invoice Order number (not visible on screen) the information icon for that suggestion now defines why the suggestion is included. #5559

    Bank reconciliation suggestions 

    The bank reconciliation suggestions have been improved to remove suggestions that are considered 'weak' if there is a strong match available. #5594

    Bank reconciliation screen filtering

    Filtering has been improved with the Bank Reconciliation to allow better loading of the individual tabs. #4812

    Function type can now be changed on a GL Code 

    Function type can now be changed on a GL Code where there have been no transactions, provided it also meets criteria around Financial and Product settings. #2200

    — RESOLVED —

    GL ID on a cashbook payment or receipt

    An issue where the GL ID was not visible in a Cashbook Payment or Receipt has been resolved. #5899

    Budgets issues for new licensees resolved 

    Budgets have been improved to allow new licensees to better view and edit their data. #5828


    New Cashflow Analysis reports

    Two new reports are now included in the Financials menu: Cashflow Analysis Monthly and Yearly. #4889


    — NEW —

    Start of financial year now required for licensee sign up 

    A month for the start of the Financial Year is now required on Licensee Sign Up to ensure the first Financial Year is set correctly. #5708 

    Licensee types now enabled

    Each licence can now be assigned a Licensee Type based on a fixed list of types (such as 'Demo'). #3020 

    — ENHANCED —

    Improvement to linking a staff member to a user

    The full user email address is now available when linking a staff member to a user. #5279

    First financial month required in new licensee set up

    The first month of the financial year is a required setting on a new license ensuring that there is no issue with a partial financial year for a non-April start date. #5827

    Financial Years displayed correctly

    Better support has been introduced for licensees with a January Balance date. #5818

    — RESOLVED —

    Product summary only available to certain users

    User Roles have been updated to ensure product pricing and costing is only available to appropriate roles. #5914

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