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    17.01.2022 - Release Notes 0.39

    Welcome to the release notes for Infusion (the online version). You can read all release notes below or download and print the PDF.

    Download: 17.01.2022 - Infusion Release Notes 0.39 [PDF 236kb]

    Issue Date: 17 January 2022

    User Experience


    SMS message history now available 

    You can now view the SMS message conversation history between your company and customers, suppliers, and staff members. You can access the message history whenever you select the message icon next to a phone number, or you can access it in Settings > SMS Log. #5924

    An SMS Messages Enquiry tab has been added to Customers, Suppliers, and Staff

    A new SMS Messages tab has been added to the Enquiry pages for Customers, Suppliers, and Staff. This contains a history of SMS messages sent between your company and the individual using the SMS integration. #5923


    Two new options are available on report previews

    Two new options are now available on report previews: Download (Excel) and Download (Word). These options download the report layout in either .xlsx or .docx format to be opened by Excel, Word or a compatible program. #1976

    Feedback improved on large reports

    Feedback is now given on reports which exceed the maximum page limit able to be generated. The maximum is 1000 pages. #4971



    New option in product settings for stocktakes

    There is a new option in Product settings to "Subtract allocated quantities when calculating expected quantity for stocktake lines". This is on by default for new and migrated datasets. 

    • If this setting is On, the stocktake behaves the same way as the previous version of Infusion (VFP) and will not expect the allocated quantities to be included in the counted figures, i.e. products on pending invoices have been removed (packed) and are not on the shelf to be counted. 
    • If the setting is Off, the stocktake expects the allocated quantities to be included in the counted figures, i.e. products on pending invoices have not been removed and are on the shelf to be counted. #6142


    On Order figure on product summary

    The On Order figure has been added to the product summary. #4949


    Product export has been improved for larger datasets

    The product export has been improved to cater for larger datasets with more products to be exported. #5952



    A confirmation message now appears when you change license settings

    When an Organisation Admin changes license details, a confirmation message appears providing more details and a link to further pricing information. #6106

    Infusion and Partners can now 'Switch to licensee' from the Licensee list menu

    Authorised Infusion Partners are now able to manage their multiple Licensees by switching to licenses within Administration > Licensees. #6127

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