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    Manage Purchase Orders by Status

    You can manage purchase orders by using the Filter to display them based on different status options

    Go to the main Purchase Orders screen by selecting Suppliers > Purchase Orders from the main menu. Use the Filter to display purchase orders by status. It's possible for a purchase order to have more than one status.

    Completion status

    You can filter purchase orders by Completion Status. 

    • Cancelled: the purchase order was cancelled, which can only happen when no stock has been received.
    • Completed: the invoice for the purchase order has been received and entered into Infusion.
    • Closed: a partly-filled purchase order is closed when the remainder of the order cannot be fulfilled. Outstanding balances are set to zero. Any receipts processed need to have been invoiced before a purchase order can be closed.
    • Open: the purchase order is still active.

    Fill status

    You can filter purchase orders by Fill Status.

    • Not filled: the order has not been received.
    • Filled: the order has been received in full and is ready to be invoiced.
    • Part filled: some of the order has been received - the remainder of the stock is yet to be delivered.

    Invoice status 

    You can filter purchase orders by Invoice Status.

    • Part invoiced: stock you've received so far has been receipted and invoiced.
    • Not invoiced: stock you've received has not yet been invoiced.
    • Invoiced: you've received every item on the purchase order, and every item has been receipted and invoiced.

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