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    Edit an Unposted Customer Invoice

    Whilst an invoice is unposted it is essentially in draft mode and changes can be made to it.

    To edit an unposted invoice, select Invoices from within the Customers module. A list of unposted invoices displays.

    To open in edit mode, click the edit pencil at the end of the invoice row. Alternatively click on the invoice to open it in view mode and select Edit from the toolbar within the invoice.

    The invoice fields are activated and available to edit.

    The Charge To field cannot be changed. If the customer account needs to be changed delete the invoice and start afresh for the new customer. 

    The Invoice Number can only be changed if your settings allow changes to invoice numbers.

    Edit invoice lines

    Invoice lines can be edited, deleted and moved on the Invoice. Existing lines are displayed in the body of the invoice - select a line to edit it. The active line will be highlighted and entry fields activated above.

    Edit lines

    Make changes as required in the entry fields including changing the product, rate, updating quantities or amending discounts.

    Add, delete or move lines

    Lines are added, deleted or moved in the same manner as when creating an invoice. Refer to Create a Customer Invoice for more information.

    Make changes as required and Save.

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