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    Invoice Progress Tracking

    Track your invoices through picking and dispatch.


    In Settings > Customer Invoice and Quote Settings there is a new option: "Invoice Progress Tracking". 

    Invoice Progress Tracking is available in Select and above Licenses.  Activating this setting will allow tracking of an invoice through Picking, Packing and Dispatch.  Options are:

    • None: Standard -  No Picking or Dispatch Tracking. 
    • Basic Dispatch: Statuses are:
      • AWAITING DISPATCH  - Assigned as the invoice is posted
      • DISPATCHED  -  Assigned when a user marks the invoice as Dispatched
    • Basic Picking & Dispatch: Statuses are:
      • PICKING - Assigned as the invoice is posted
      • AWAITING DISPATCH  - Assigned when a user marks the invoice as Picked.
      • DISPATCHED  -  Assigned when a user marks the invoice as Dispatched.
    • Full Picking/Packing & Dispatch: Pick/pack invoiced products, adjust invoice quantities, automatically update picking and dispatch statuses.

    The user will need to have either the Warehouse Staff or Warehouse Manager user role assigned to them to be able to use Full Picking/Packing & Dispatch

    These options are only available on Posted Invoices.

    Updating the Status of an Invoice

    Using the Spill Menu, a user can update the status of an invoice depending on its current status.  

    When a status is updated, the user is offered the chance to edit or add a Courier Reference 


    Both Dispatch and Picking statuses can be filtered on the invoice list screen using either the Dispatch Status or Picking Status Filter options.  

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