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    Getting ready to invoice

    Before you create your first invoice, there are some important settings and features in Infusion that you need to set so that the invoice can be issued.

    This guide provides a checklist to review before you start invoicing, with links to articles for more information.

    GST Settings

    Review your GST Settings before you issue your first invoice to ensure they set appropriately. This includes adding your GST number, setting the GST Basis, and confirming additional rates if you use them.

    Mandatory fields

    Some fields on an invoice are mandatory and must be populated before the invoice can be processed. Fields offer drop-down lists to select items from and these lists must be added before an invoice can be created.


    Drop down details

    Charge to Your customer database - a customer must be entered before an invoice is created
    Add a customer
    Sold by Your staff list
    Add a staff member
    Product Location Your list of locations where product is held
    Settings | Product Locations

    Invoice and Email messages

    Use Customer and Invoice Settings to add a Payment Message to let your customers know your bank account details and any other important information they need to know when paying you. 

    At the same time, set your Sales and Accounts Receivable email addresses and signatures. These are the addresses that invoices and statements are issued from, and the signature that is included in the email.  

    If the Sales or Accounts Receivable email addresses are left blank, the invoice or statement is issued with Infusion Business Software as the sender.

    Invoice Layout 

    Default layouts are added to new licenses and are managed in Report Settings. Set your layout for your invoices.

    Add your company logo to appear on any of your client correspondence such as invoices, statements and emails.

    Test Email

    Infusion recommends creating a test customer that you can test against. 

    Add an external email address to your customer account and create a new invoice (to a miscellaneous product). Post & Email the invoice to ensure that emails can be issued externally from Infusion.

    After testing, issue a credit invoice to reverse the test invoice.

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