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    Promotional Pricing

    Products can be setup to have a Promotional Price over a specified date range.

    To enable Promotional Pricing go to the Settings > Product Settings menu. Select Edit then under the Pricing section select Enable Promotional Pricing  

    Next select Save at the top right of the screen

    With this option selected, under a Product a Promotions tab will display

    Select this tab then +Add. This will display fields for setup of a specific Promotional Price.

    Select the Price Level, a Start and End Date. Pricing Method options are Fixed Price, Percentage above cost and Percentage below selling price. Enter the corresponding Fixed Rate or Percentage value.  

    A Promotional Price cannot be setup if its date range overlaps with an already setup Promotional Price.

    Once all required data is entered select Save.

    Import Export

    An Import & Export is available for Promotional Pricing from under the ...More Options menu of the Product List screen.   

    • Importing matching dates will update pricing. 
    • Importing different dates will be checked to ensure there is no overlap with old pricing. 

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