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    Product Type, Group and Sub-Groups

    Types and Groups allow for the classification of products to assist with pricing and reporting. Specific settings and pricing can be applied collectively to products that are grouped. When preparing reports, Types and Groups can be used to refine and filter to provide precise results.

    The Product Type, Group and Sub-Group are recorded on the Details tab of a Product. When nominated, the settings of the Type, Group or Sub-Group apply to the new product. 

    Product Type

    Product Types are one way of classifying Products. They can be used in reporting and for filtering within the Products module.

    • Products module - Use the Product Type Label filter to refine the display to only products within the Product Type.
    • Reports - Group or Filter by the Product Type to manage the layout or output of the report.

    Product Group

    When a product belongs to a Product Group, any settings that are configured for that group apply to the product itself. Group settings over-ride any general defaults.

    A Product Group can belong to a Product Type or be independent. 

    GL Accounts

    GL Accounts are managed in the Settings tab of a product. When a Product is set to a Product Group with Linked GL Accounts, the Product will have its GL Account settings updated to that of the Product Group. When the Linked GL Accounts of a Product Group are updated, the linked GL Accounts of all products within the group are also updated. GL Accounts derived from Product Groups are indicated by the field label.

    Serial Numbers

    Product Groups have the option to determine if Serial Numbers are required. All products within the group default to the serial number setting of the group. For more information on applying serial numbers, refer to Product Serial Number Tracking.


    Pricing for a Product can be managed in its Pricing tab. Products that belong to a Product Group can use the Product Group Markup pricing method to calculate pricing instead. This allows pricing to be set at the Product Group level rather than the individual product level.

    Further information on Product Group Markup and Pricing is available in the Product Pricing article.

    Product Sub-Group

    Product Sub-Groups allow further classification of products within a Product Group. 

    A Sub-Group can belong to either a specific Product Group or All Groups. 

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