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    Product Suppliers

    Recording suppliers and their product details against individual products provides easy access to information when ordering products. Multiple suppliers can be loaded against a product, with the ability to nominate a Preferred Supplier.

    To manage Product Suppliers, go to Products > Suppliers Tab.

    Select +Add to open the Supplier details window.

    Complete the fields with known information.

    • Supplier: Choose from the drop-down list of existing Suppliers
    • Use as preferred supplier: Tick the checkbox if this is the preferred supplier for the product
    • Their code: Enter the code for the product provided by the supplier
    • Latest Cost: Enter the latest cost. Alternatively, Latest Cost can be left blank and will update when a product is receipted into stock.
    • Ratio: The number of items in a unit. A product can have a one to one ratio, where one item ordered increases stock levels by one, or a multiple ratio, where for each unit ordered, the stock level increases by the ratio allocated. 
    • Units: This is the mode that the stock is ordered by, for example boxes, metres, weight.
    • Lead time (days): An optional field to specify the lead time required for a product.

    Save to record the Supplier.


    Suppliers are also added to Products directly from Purchase Orders. If the Supplier is not recorded already, a new Supplier is created. 

    If any Cost or Ratio details are changed on a Purchase Order or Product Receipt, the Supplier details on the Product tab are also updated.

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